Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Honesty: does it still exist?

My good deed for today was achieved at early o clock this morning en route to work. Ever since I was little, my parents had taught me right from wrong and to hand in anything I ever came across on my travels to the nearest police station/lost n found.

During the mornings like most people I am in a bit of a daze but I'm normally corpus mentus by the time I arrive at my workplace having stumbled 2 miles from my home. This morning though I was a bit more on the ball, as I passed bench and bus stop in front of the local copshop I noticed a gorgeous black leather handbag just sitting there, all alone.

I feel ashamed to say my first thoughts weren't entirely of the honest variety, I did contemplate for about half a minute that it might be worth my while sneaking a peek into the bag or indeed running off with it (actually I don't do running so perhaps a medium to fast pace instead) seeing that there was no-one present. But in the advent of my conscience and actually how did I know I hadn't been seen?? Never has there been more evidence of 1984 coming true: Orwell was psychic.

1 full minute later brain went into paranoid mode, could there be a bomb inside or indeed some other dangerous body debilitating device? After all we now live in a society where there are no guarantees of safety: everyone's a suspect. Worried that my overactive, and rather morbid imagination was running away with me and more importantly, I was getting late for work I gingerly reached for the handle and half jogged/half hopped into the police station reception and buzzed impatiently to be seen.

Having been quizzed about everything under the sun from how I came across the bag to my DOB and phone number I returned on my way to work with a bit of a weight off my shoulders and a strange feeling inside: indigestion? Nope, a clear conscience!!

And as I sat at my desk nursing the 2nd coffee of the morning, I realised I had achieved what my parents aimed to teach me: moral values aka an honest citizen. 11am the same morning I had a phone call from a very relieved lost handbag owner thanking me profusely, do I feel good now? You bet I do, karma's a great thing now I just need it to win me tonight's lottery...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Well then, following a short seminar from PR Supremo Stuart Bruce about Blogging and that dreaded phrase "Social Media," I've decided to take the plunge into blogging. What I liked about Stuart apart from his self-deprecating sense of humour was the way he translated IT speak into normal person speak and I came away feeling like it wouldn't be nearly as difficult as I've made it out to be in my imagination.

This is a very amateur attempt and I would be grateful for any advice from seasoned pro's. I've just about mastered MySpace but it took ages :) I'll be checking out other blogs, especially having recently read about the poor petite anglaise in Grazia and the Guardian and then finding out that she'd been "dooced" for having the cheek to write a diary. I never wrote a diary when I was younger so I figured I'd try it out now being slightly older and possibly wiser?

As you may have guessed I work in the communications industry so fingers crossed this should read fairly legibly but if all else fails consult wikipedia or the Urban Dictionary, that's pretty good and if not, post a comment and ask me what on earth I'm chatting on about.

Looks like this blogging lark could get seriously addictive, humans by nature are nosy, and the web is 24/7 so when will that leave time for sleep?

Thanks for reading :)